The Swedish Team concists of:


Stefan Wahlberg - Team manager
Born: 670707, Örebro
Aero club: RFK Ikaros
Lives: Kumla
Main class: F3K
Merits: 1:st place EC Team, and 9:th individual place F3K 2012;
5:th place Euro-tour F3K 2014
1:st Place Vercelli Euro tour 2013.


Originally from Örebro, but now living in Kumla. Started with model airplanes at the age of 12. My early steps was done with a Pilot QB1800 followed up by a Graupner Cirrus.


I have been competing in several classes in model flying, but it has always been gliders. F3B, F3J as well as F5B have been in the list, and now lately also F5J, but the most effort and success have been in the class F3K.
Was participating in the 1:st F3J World Championship in UK and also in F5B in EC 95 and WC 96.

I was one of the persons starting up F3K in Sweden and I have been a member of the Swedish National Team from the first World Championship held in Arboga Sweden. Have had roles as helper and also pilot in EC in France 2012, but this time as a TM.



Mattias Hammarskiöld - Pilot

Born: 720208, Örebro
Aero club: RFK Ikaros
Lives: Örebro
Main class: F3K
Merits: 2:nd EC F3K 2012
2:nd World Cup total 2013, 2014
1:st 3 competitions in World Cup 2013, 2014


I was born and raised in Örebro. As early as 8 years old, I was introduced to soaring models. My dad had a great interest in aviation as having two sons, there was a good opportunity for him to continue with model aviation. I started with a simple free-flying model but it soon became clear that the future was in radio-controlled models. It was great to start measuring the flight times and compete against both myself as well others. At the same age I started with athletics, which caught my attention more. I trained and competed a lot over the years until age 18 when I put the spike shoes on the shelf.

Model airplanes had always been in the background with my first National Championship start in 1984 in the class F3b. After several years on the national arena, I managed to qualify for the Nordic Junior Championships in F3b 1992. In the nineties my dedication increased, mainly in F3J with a number of national championship medals and participation in the World Championship 2000 in Corfu.
In 2002 I was introduced to hand launch gliders and class F3K and the main focus was moved there. The first international trial came in 2004 when I and Jonas Blomdahl went to Germany to see and learn. Each with a fly-off position in the luggage, we went home with even more motivation to make a serious effort in the elite F3k. With several podium places since then in the unofficial World Championship it’s been crowned by an individual silver medal and a team gold in the European Championship 2012.

In my role as team manager, I led the Swedish F3K team to a Gold medal at 2013 World Championship, and previously the F3b team to a World Championship bronze in 2001 and F3J team to an individual bronze 2002. I have educated myself in 2008-2010 in communicology to further enhance my leadership and my mental strength.


Jonas Blomdahl - Pilot

Born: 730612; Herrljunga
Aero club: RFK Ikaros
Lives: Örebro
Main class: F3K
Merits: Team Manager:
1:st place EC Team F3K 2012
2:nd place WC Team F3B 2005

2:nd place pre-contest WC F3J 2002
1:st place German Open F3K 2008
7:th place in German Open F3K 2013
1:st place World Cup in Belgium 2013
12:th place World CupF3K total 2013
3:rd place German Open F3K 2014
10:th place World Cup F3K total 2014

I have run Momentum MT together with Mattias Hammarskiöld for 8 years, were we together has developed and produced the concepts of Sirius, Polaris and Arctus, which has been an important platform for the Swedish success. Not only for the models itself but also to develop strategies, airplanes and tactics that fits together with your strength. Mattias ability to transfer our concepts into products can not be valued enough.


Håkan Sjöberg - Pilot

Born: 1968

Club: Herrljunga MFK

Discipline: F3K


Proud to have made the team given the incredibly stiff competition for the top spots in Sweden. I’m eager to learn more from experienced pilots of which there are a bunch of at our contests, not least in Örebro. The guys who produce the Polaris and Arctus have been a resource in helping with both flying strategies and tech-stuff.


The initial contact with the rc-gliders was during college, sitting on the cliffs at Torrey Pines glider port watching slope soaring.  It took a while till I picked up the sport in 2009 from watching youtube videos of pilots flying the Lighthawk by ASK, they seemed to float forever! I spend every moment I get at flying different types of rc-gliders, my intention is to get into F3B a little more. This year my club hosted a F3K world cup contest for the first time, it’s one of the best flying sites in Sweden. I have a connection with southern california and head back during christmas to meet up with the local pilots and practice.


I live on the west coast of Sweden where I teach at a jr. high school.  I have a degree in psychology and geography, both of which come in handy in this sport.


Sören Svantesson - Helper:

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Born: 1975; Herrljunga
Aero club: Herrljunga MFK
Lives: Borås
Main class: F3K
Merits: 1:st place EC F3K Team 2012
1:st place WC F3K Team 2013

I was born and raised in the small town Herrljunga in Sweden.

My interest for model aircrafts started fairly early in the eighties, but it was first at 1988 when I got an RC airplane in my hands, that my interest skyrocketed high! Two years later, I already was competing for Junior Medals in easier competitions, and from this point I was stuck in this very exciting sport. In 1990 I started in parallel with model aviation, also to fly full scale gliders, which was an inspiring complement.
During the 90’s my model flight interest grow to something bigger, and I focused more on F3J competitions, both national and international. During a 15-year period I had time to achieve a lot of medals in SC and NC in F3J both individually and in teams. During this time I also participated at the European championship (97) and World Championships (98, 00, 02) in F3J. In -97, -98 and -02 as a pilot and in -00 as a helper in the team.


During 2003-2004 I got eyes for F3K which was a boost in the form of a more exciting and varied competition.

In 2010 I qualified to the national team in F3K and ended up at 5:th place in the first World Championship in 2011. Since then I have been part of the team as a pilot with a team Gold medal in European Championship 2012 and team Gold medal in World Championship 2013.


This year I will use my dynamic experience to contribute to the team from a different perspective.


Rolle Brebäck - Team Chef:

Born: 680308, Stockholm

Aero club: SRFK, Stockholm

Lives: Stockholm

Main class: Chairman for Competitionsection NAC

Merits: Chef for the world champions


I started with model hobby in the early 80s. Then it was most cars and boats. The racing was not something that instantly attracted when as it was very expensive for me at that time. What attracted me was the technology and increasing performance compared to my friends' cars and boats.
After a short time in southern Sweden (90-94), I came in contact with the model gliders.  Back in Stockholm, I became a member of the Stockholm Radio Flying Club, SRFK. In the early 2000s, I was a co-organizer of the largest outdoor hobby fair in Sweden. This was very popular event that we ran in just over 10 years.

In 2010 I was nominated in as Vice President of the board of the Swedish NAC.

2011, I became chairman of the competition section.

In 2011 I was co-organizer for the first F3K World Championships in Arboga.

Many of you might remember the BBQ on the pre-contest J

As my son, Stefan Brebäck, was competing in the junior class, already in Arboga, I was awarded as chef for the Swedish team, and that proved to be a very good concept and from there on it has been moving on with both EC in France as well as WC in Denmark.

Without the fantastic backing from the Swedish seniors Stefan and myself, hasn’t ever had the possibility to have so much fun and learn so much.

Believe me you have to be some sort of world champion for surviving a World Championship with this team. So much experience, joy and crazy escapades.

And they are hungry too...So my role in the team is to ensure that pilots get the right food at the right time for the right results.





So far it's gone well so it will be a challenge to see what the Croatian cuisine can offer the Swedish national team.


If you want the recipe for a winning team, you need:

A man with a gold-card

A music historian

A self-guided computer

A tactician

A perfectionist

A few good pilots

Lots of experience

Lots of fun

Very good models

Someone who makes sandwiches.