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Vercelli 2016

2016-04-27 10:51 av Stefan Hertz 

2016 kicked of in normal style with Vercelli.

Good results from the Swedish pilots.

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World championship 2015

2015-08-03 12:40 av Stefan Hertz 

The World Championship is over.

New Zealand is yet again back on the top of the throne, grabbing both the Team gold as well as the individual gold, by Alex Hewson.

Sweden struggled a bit in the beginning, but made a strong recovery and reach the third spot in the Team rankings.


Håkan made a really great work and made it to the finals in his first chanpionship. That is really strong.

The Swedish Bronze Team


The individual medalists. From left: Herman Haas, Austria; Alex Hewson, NZ and Anthony Rotteleur France.


The Team podium. Sweden, New Zealand and Switzerland


Håkan prepares for fly-off




2015-06-29 13:42 av Stefan Hertz 

Some pictures from last team training session.





World Cup

2015-06-29 13:39 av Stefan Hertz 

Result in World Cup after Herrljunga and German Open.

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Nordic Trophy 2015

2015-06-08 15:57 av Stefan Hertz 

Mattias is unbeatable !


Mattias wins Nordic Trophy again, and streches out the lead in the World Cup and Euro-tour.
The Swedish Team is really awesome this year. Now it's only to do the last work at the World Championship.

Stefan Wahlberg 2:nd; Mattias Hammarskiöld 1:st; Jonas Blomdahl 3:rd. (Photo by Anders Kihlström)


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